PUBLIC OFFER (Client agreement)

General Provisions

  1. This website, (hereinafter referred to as the "SITE") provides users with the service of an automatic system for recording documents that can be sold separately or through a subscription to the SITE, depending on the country for which the user requests services. SITE services are hereinafter collectively referred to as "SERVICES".
  2. The following provisions define the contractual rights and obligations of the developer of the SITE, INFOSOFT GLOBAL Ltd. (Hereinafter "INFOSOFT") and USERS (as further defined) of the SITE. USER or USERS are defined as all persons who gain access to the SITE, whether they are reading, viewing, using and / or purchasing documents and / or subscribing to services offered on the SITE. The SITE homepage is located at the following URL:
  3. Use of the SITE SERVICES means the complete acceptance of these Terms.
  4. INFOSOFT and SITE,, do not provide any legal advice.
  5. Paperwork on the SITE is fully automated and is not the result of any work on writing, editing or modifying documents by the director or employees of INFOSOFT, partners of the company or any other person.
  6. The USER is not allowed to take screenshots of the system interface and publish them on the "public" Internet.


  1. Any access, use, subscription and / or purchases on the site are available only to legal entities and individuals who have reached the age of majority and are legally capable.
  2. INFOSOFT reserves the right to require the user to confirm age.
  3. INFOSOFT may at any time in its sole discretion and suspend, limit or terminate the SITE in order to update or change its content.
  4. The USER agrees to use the SITE solely for personal use and, in any case, not to use the WEBSITE, the SERVICES or the contents of the websites for any illegal or commercial purposes.


  1. INFOSOFT is solely responsible to the USER for the operation of the SERVICES provided through the SITE, as well as for the non-distribution and / or non-disclosure of information added by users through the SITE. Any inaccurate, incomplete or other incorrect information added by the user or improper use of the site and services (including, but not limited to, improper use of documents purchased on the site) is the sole responsibility of the USER, without any liability on the part of INFOSOFT.
  2. INFOSOFT is not responsible in the following cases:
    1. A technical or computer malfunction in the USER. Incompatibility of the SITE with any equipment or software does not cause liability on the part of INFOSOFT
    2. Direct or indirect, material or investigative, alleged or unpredictable damage to users arises as a result of use or difficulties in using the SITE or its SERVICES
    3. Distribution of any inaccurate, insecure or inaccurate information on the Internet
    4. INFOSOFT does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, effectiveness of documents that the user can create on the SITE
    5. INFOSOFT is not responsible for any mistake made by the USER or inaccuracy of the proposed templates and any damage suffered by the USER who created the document on the SITE.
  3. The user is responsible for:
    2. Use of the SITE or SERVICES
    3. Any violation of these Terms by INFOSOFT.
  4. The USER expressly acknowledges that he bears all responsibility for the selection, use, interpretation and personalization of the document that he created using the service provided by the SITE.
  5. The USER acknowledges that the SITE does not provide any legal advice and is not a law firm, and therefore the use of the SITE cannot be considered a legal opinion, or replace it.
  6. For any legal issue, the USER must contact the competent lawyers.